Campaign Services

Campaigns are fast moving, ever changing, and need to pivot quickly. Our team is diverse and has the experience at every level of government to move your campaign through the process and towards victory!

Campaign Start-Up & Strategy

So you filed, now what? Our team is ready to hit the ground running. Our suite of services includes a team of professionals with experience in campaigns, communications, design, marketing, and fundraising to make sure your campaign runs smoothly and you run to win. Our starter kit ensures that your ethics committee is created, opposition research is conducted, district polling is coordinated, and your web and social media presence is established.

Strategic Communications

Messaging is at the core of your campaign. Your message are your values. At Front Runner, we run candidates that are full of integrity and we get to know what matters most to you, why you’re running, and make sure that your values are expressed loud and clear in your platform. We work one on one with you to create position statements, press releases, cultivate your brand, craft your messaging, and give you personalized advice on image, vocal coaching, and mindfulness training so that you engage with voters and donors with ease and grace.

Digital & Print Marketing

Starting a campaign is like building a business from the ground up. Do you have time to design a brand, a logo, manage content for social media, and handle advertising on a daily basis? No? Then let us do it for you! We’ll design and manage all your print and postage needs, from walk cards to signs and brochures. Front Runner’s elite level experience creating brands through digital marketing will turn likes into votes.


It’s no secret that candidates who raise the most money win elections. At Front Runner, we’ll show you the best ways to create lists of donors, get donations, budget, track, and manage your campaign fund simply and wisely. We’ll create and manage contact lists for you, coordinate call time with you, and organize your fundraising events for you– saving you time and money.

Field Strategy

Running a campaign is more than just giving speeches and kissing babies. It’s about a solid strategy and knowing where to go, how to get there, and who to bring with you. At Front Runner, we use sophisticated methods to analyze your district and translate the data into useful information to reach the right voters that will get you elected. We’ll help you organize your walks, coordinate your volunteers, and coach you through your elevator speeches.

Work With Front Runner Campaigns

Our experienced team of campaign strategists have the ability to plan and flawlessly execute a winning campaign.